Whether you have just moved to our region for family, health, employment or any other reasons, you will find that the region has a lot to offer.  This is a great place for outdoor activities; housing is less expensive than in metropolitan areas, and we are close to Quebec City, the Eastern Townships and the American border.

Although the quality of life here is great, fitting in as an English-speaker can be a challenge. Living in a different culture far from friends and family, you may feel lonely.  The reality is that only approximately 1% of the local population is English-speaking.  Happily, this community, despite its small size, is very active and well organized, helping to make your life here a bit easier.

We organize a number of activities and provide community services and programs for all age groups.  As NEWCOMERS to our region, we are pleased to offer you some specialized services and help you in the following manner:

  • Find housing
  • Connect you with employment agencies, i.e. Emploi Québec, Services Canada
  • Provide information on our health service centres
  • Give you access to a multitude of flyers and informative documents in English
  • Give a tour of the city and the region
  • Serve as interpreters
  • Put you in touch with our various community organizations, i.e. Masons, Odd Fellows, Women’s Institute, book club, bowling club, etc.
  • Keep you informed on cultural activities and events.

Please give us a call as we have a “welcome package” awaiting you.
Our community is always ready to share their down-home hospitality.  Welcome to our region!



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