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Volunteer and Senior
Volunteer and Senior

In the hope of providing more support to caregivers and helping them face the challenges of caring for a loved one, MCDC has developed a range of services to assist community members who are struggling with their enormous responsibilities as caregivers.

  • The MCDC team will first contact and arrange a visit to help identify your most pressing needs and to refer you to the proper resources for assistance. Our staff will assist you if language is a barrier.
  • We have specially trained volunteers who can provide respite for caregivers who are looking after a relative suffering from Alzheimer's, cancer or any other serious and debilitating illnesses. This includes those who care for a relative who is reaching the end of his/her life.
  • We have very informative printed material in English that contain a wealth of useful information to assist caregivers
  • We hold a monthly caregivers' support group called « Care Chat » where caregivers can share freely with other caregivers in total confidentiality.
  • A volunteer can accompany a loved one admissible to attend the local CLSC Day Centre if language is a barrier to access.

Do not hesitate to contact MCDC for more information on these services.

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