McGill Training and Retention Project

The general objectives of the McGill "Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project" are to provide training and retention initiatives so that health and social services professionals have opportunities to improve their ability to provide services in English and to practice where they can meet the needs of the English-speaking population of Quebec.  It also seeks to promote research and information sharing on approaches to reducing barriers to health and social services access for English-speaking Quebecers.

Thanks to funding from McGill to MCDC, two components of this project are of special interest for the Secondary V students and Alumni of  A.S. Johnson High School of Thetford Mines who pursue post-secondary studies in the field of health and social services:

Internships in regions

Students are encouraged  to come back to their region for their internship where MCDC will assist them in contacting regional public health institutions, welcome them back and help with their needs as interns.

Allocation of bursaries

A bursary allocation is available for bilingual students pursuing full-time studies in the  area of health and social services in a government recognized educational institution. Students who are awarded bursaries must commit to staying in a selected Quebec region following the successful completion of their studies to work for a minimum of one year in a public health and social services institution or related organization.

MCDC will keep in touch with potential candidates for internships and bursaries through its website, its Facebook page, as well as through distribution of flyers, electronic mailing lists and any other means to ensure that students who are considering a career in the health and social services sector can benefit from the incentives of this great project.

We encourage you to check out the following interesting material that will help you decide if a career in health is for you.

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Here are ten (10) great reasons to pursue a career in health:

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Take the test to determine if a career in health is for you and what type of career would suit you best

Take the test to determine if a career in health is for you and what type of career would suit you best

For more information on internship opportunities in our region or on the McGill Bursary Program, please contact us. We'll be happy to assist you 418-332-3851 /

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