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The BUDDY System

MCDC launches the Buddy System to pair a volunteer with a lonely or vulnerable senior.

Many seniors are very often lonely.  Their children are living elsewhere, lifelong friends have moved to be near their families or into a seniors' residence.

In becoming the "best buddy" to a senior, not only will you keep him or her company, but you will also give the senior an opportunity to open up, to confide, and to be comforted.

The MCDC Buddy System program pairs a volunteer with a lonely senior of the same sex and at risk of being abused.  Your role as a "best buddy" will be to:

  • Visit or telephone the senior at least once a week;
  • Inquire about their general health and make sure they are secure;
  • Lessen their feeling of isolation by offering social and friendly support;
  • Contact MCDC if you suspect that the senior is victim of abuse or that their health is deteriorating.

What do you need to join our "best buddy" team of volunteers?

  • Have access to a means of transportation to visit the senior;
  • Have a clean police record;
  • Be fluent in English;
  • Respect the MCDC Volunteer and Confidentiality Policy;
  • Be sociable and respectful of the senior`s living environment.

For more information, please contact MCDC 418-332-3851 / toll free 1-877-332-3851.


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